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We wandered to get to wandering…

Sometimes I feel like Jules and I wandered to get to wandering.
Maybe…there was a bit of stumbling. A journey that began with
our parents. There is so much to say about them. Where they have
been, the dusty roads of Uganda they have walked to get us to
where we are now. Two Ugandans who met, fell in love and began
to dream. We are thankful because in those dreams they had they
let us have our own dreams.

Our father shows us every time we visit the motherland, home,
where he was born. “Right here”, he says as he points to the earth
nestled between a canopy of banana trees. “This is where I
started, this is where your father was born”. Our mother, born in
the city of Kampala. How they met, that’s another story.

Our journey to where we are now has been built on the power of
dreams and pure faith. We grew up in a small town, London
Ontario. It’s here where we began our sweet love affair with
music. There wasn’t much to do London other than explore the
depths of our imagination and tune into the radio. Music became
life, a second skin that painted a soundtrack that would forever
shape our lives. As children we grew up listening to songs of the
motherland. You could also often hear Rock & Roll and R&B
classics blaring from our balcony on warm summer nights. Many
friendships were made, the music brought us together. Sometimes
hearts were broken and it’s the songs that seemed to mend them.
As children we were fortunate enough partake in all forms of art,
whether it be dance, music lessons or visual expression. One could
say, all though we didn’t know back then, these experiences were
an open doorway that would lead us to a life expressed through

We often get asked how we got started….cont’d






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