What Inspires Us

A lot of you have been asking what inspires us. First, I want to say we love getting messages from you. It’s amazing to think that someone living in a different place, somewhere across the world feels connected to what we are doing. This is something that inspire us. This is what, to be honest, has actually kept us going this year. We have had a bumpy ride the last few years. Met a lot of great people that we really enjoyed working with and others not so much. In life you will meet different kinds of people. Some will inspire you to be the best you can be and others will make you question who you are and why you are pursuing your dreams; whatever they may be.

As women in this industry, I will say it’s not an easy terrain to navigate. You constantly question who you are. There are weeks, I remember months thinking, “Am I good enough?” …”Are we good enough?”…”Thin enough?”…”Pretty enough?”. For some reason if you are a girl in this business you are never the garden that you have always wanted to be. The garden that continues to bloom and grow day and year after year. Instead, you are a wilting rose wishing that time would stop.

It’s hard to feel inspired when the focus isn’t on the music. Shouldn’t it be about the music? It should always be about good music. It’s hard to stay motivated when someone holds something you want and know they can give you in the palm of their hands. You feel powerless. This is what you don’t see behind the beautiful images or that song you love so much.

So how can one stay inspired and keep doing what they need to do regardless of who or what want stands in your way? You have to have faith. It’s that simple. You have to really believe in yourself and your purpose. In addition, you must put in the work. With each test only surrender to the lesson and not to anyone EVER.

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