Swimming Lessons

Okay, I think I am ready, I can do this yes I can. Shit I am already late I can’t believe I am running late, well yes I can but this sucks. The speedo bathing suit I bought does not fit, it almost killed me taking it on and off, like honestly have a size chart that people can understand. Bikini it is, I hope the lifeguard spends less time looking at my Beyoncé and more time focusing on saving me.

I’m here, the class has started, signs everywhere telling me to shower before I go in the pool…I am not going to do that, I will just wet my t-shirt make them think I took a shower. Lol

So here goes nothing, I’m walking down the ramp into the shallow end, every step is taking forever the smell of the chlorine hits me and all I can think is how dry my skin is going to be and I hope the drug store has a sale on Vaseline cause I am going to need it. Dry skin, I hate dry skin. Chlorine = dry skin.

Okay, Ladies, the first lesson is floating…floating I think hmmm when do we learn to tread water that’s what I am here for. Fifteen minutes in and it's clear I am the best in the class hand goes up for every time the instructor asks for a volunteer. I am a natural, look at me mom I’m a natural I wave to the observation deck where all the parents are pressed up against the window. My mom is in Africa but whatever someone will wave back. Lessons over, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed anything more.

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